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SK Telecom Launches New Appcessory Named Smart USB SK Telecom La... SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) today announced that it launched Smart USB, an appcessory (application + accessory) designed to make presentation easier and more effective for professors, lecturers, office workers, teachers and students. Besides serving as an external memory drive, Smart USB offers all features offered by a presenter device. Once the presenter inserts the USB to a laptop, his/her mobile phone is instantly connected to the computer through Bluetooth. Then, the “Smart USB” application on the phone (available for free at Google Play and Apple App Store) can be activated to enable the presenter to single-handedly deal with the whole presentation. Through the application, he/she can not only select/open a file, choose slide/page and move to other slide/page, but can also show image files and play video materials stored in Smart USB during the presentation. Moreover, it offers pinpoint and pen features along with special effects to make the presentation more effective and efficient. The application can also turn the smartphone screen into a mouse pad, enabling the presenter to use his/her fingertip as a wireless mouse. Furthermore, the presenter can deliver the whole presentation undisturbed by simply turning the phone into the “in-flight” mode. SK Telecom expects Smart USB to help people carry out more effective presentations by removing related challenges and limitations they had to face so far. The company has filed for global patents for core solutions of Smart USB, and is in talks with major laptop peripherals/accessories companies around the globe regarding the sales of the appcessory. Smart USB is available on Android smartphones running Android 2.3 or higher, and iPhone 4S or higher. Computer operating systems compatible with Smart USB are Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X 10.9 and higher. From today, the appcessory can be purchased at major open markets in Korea including 11st and G Market, and will soon begin selling at the largest Korean online shopping mall for education-related products. Smart USB for Android smartphones cost KRW 57,000, while the appcessory for iOS phones are sold at KRW 67,000. “We expect Smart USB to bring greater convenience to those who frequently give presentations or teach in front of audiences,” said Park Chol-soon, Senior Vice President and Head of Convergence Business Office at SK Telecom. “SK Telecom will continue to introduce diverse ICT-based products that can create new value for users.”


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