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How to Apply

Recruitment Category

Our recruiting is categorized into Entry Level, Experienced Hires (recruiting of experts), and Global Recruiting, depending on the purpose of recruitment, target personnel and recruitment methods. We ultimately aim to select the right people, who can contribute to the growth and development of the company, at the right time.
We will then place the right people in the right roles and enable each of them to demonstrate their capabilities to the best level.

  • Entry Level
    • Hold annual recruitment in the second half of the year (concurrently with SK Group).
    • Grow the entry-level employees to “the world’s best talents”, through long-term development programs.
    • Conduct campus recruiting and visit alma mater of SK telecom’s existing employees to recruit diverse and unique personnel.

    Entry Level

  • Experienced Hires
    • Recruit Marketing Top Talents upon needs of the Company.
    • Receive and review online applications on a rolling basis, through the Talent DB.

    Experienced Hires

  • Global Recruiting
    • Carry out annual Global Recruiting by career field.
    • Global recruitment road show → Select employees after the interview on site.
    • Targeting MBA/MA/PhD students and overseas personnel

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