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SK Telecom’s Vision toCreate a Better Future:Vision 2020

Vision 2020 represents SK telecom’s new future value developed collaboratively by all company members. It embodies our commitment to enrich people’s lives by delivering new customer value through constant innovations based on our world’s top mobile network infrastructure and ICT capabilities. As the unmatched leader in the Korean telecommunications market, we aim to become one of the global top 100 companies with market value of over KRW 100 trillion (USD 89 billion) by 2020.

Vision2020 Slogan

partner for new possibilities, 100 & 100

SK telecom’s Vision Slogan:
Partner for New Possibilities
SK telecom is determined to serve as a true partner for both individuals and enterprises, helping them realize new possibilities by leveraging our mobile infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies.
New future for SK telecom
SK telecom has led the telecommunication business in South Korea. As we approach year 2020, we strive to exceed the company value of KRW 100 trillion and become the World’s top 100 enterprises.

SK Telecom’s CorporateCampaign: Relay of Possibilities

From humans to technology, then back to humans

is the theme of the ‘Relay of Possibilities’ campaign launched to realize SK telecom’s vision. It shows how technologies can positively affect humans, which in turn leads to further advancements in technologies as well as the overall society.

VISION2020 - SK Telecom imagines new ways that humans and technology can co-exist, Coexistence of technology and people - Technology evolves in order to enable the possibility that humans and the world possess, Technology that revolves around people - People are always in the middle of all technologies.

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