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ci and bi Overview

SKtelecom CI


SKtelecom BI


Corporate Identity
The two kite-like Wingsof Happiness that form the distinctive feature of the SK telecom trademark also remind the viewer of communication satellites. They represent the two main sources of the SK Group’s growth; that is, SK Chemicals and SK telecom.
The trademark also serves as a symbol of the determination of the SK Group to pioneer the global market and spread happiness worldwide.
SKtelecom CI Symbol, Logo Mark, Logo Type
Corporate Color
The SK red used in both the company logotype and symbol symbolizes the dynamic energy of life, while the SK orange recalls sensations of happiness, friendliness, and welcoming. The SK CI is to be used only with the specific colors against a white backdrop. It is important to use the same palette of colors at all times in order to maintain and strengthen SK’s brand image.
Corporate Color SK Red
SK Red
Pantone 186 C
CMYK 0 / 100 / 81 / 4
RGB 234 / 0 / 44
Corporate Color SK Orange
SK Orange
Pantone 158 C
CMYK 0 / 66 / 97 / 0
RGB 255 / 122 / 0
Guideline for CI/Brand Mark Color Variations Depending on the Background Color
Brand mark
SK telecom uses ‘Dream Ribbon’, the T brand mark, in all products and services of the company to communicate its core values.
The red color represents our passionate drive for innovation while the orange color stands for our commitment to bringing warmth to and enriching the lives of all. Taking its motif from the ‘Mobius Strip’, the ‘Dream Ribbon’ expresses our aspiration to share and realize our dream with customers.
Brand mark Color
Our unique colors of T Red, T Orange, and T Purple apply to all areas that use T brand mark.
T Red and T Orange in particular are the same colors used on the logo of SK telecom. As a powerful means of differentiating our brand, these colors visually communicate the presence and messages of T brand to customers.
Brand mark Color SK Red
SK Red
Pantone 186 C
CMYK 0 / 100 / 81 / 4
RGB 234 / 0 / 44
Brand mark Color SK Orange
SK Orange
Pantone 158 C
CMYK 0 / 66 / 97 / 0
RGB 255 / 122 / 0
Brand mark Color SK Purple
SK Purple
Pantone 275 C
CMYK 100 / 90 / 0 / 60
RGB 29 / 17 / 96
- Variations on the CI and brand mark colors depending

Winner ofBrands Award

Best Korea Brands 2017
Ranked the fourth in Korea
brands for 5 consecutive years
Organized by Interbrand
2017 Korea Best Brand Awards
Ranked the first in mobile
communications for 4 consecutive
years Organized by Forbes Korea
2017 Korea Brand Awards
Ranked the first in mobile
communications for 4 consecutive
years Organized by Dong-A Media
2017 The Most Trusted Brand Awards
Ranked the first in mobile
communications for 4 consecutive
years Organized by Digital Chosun

Brand History

SK telecom has pioneered new frontiers in the Korean ICT industry since 1984.
`Here is the history of SK telecom’s brands that have always been part of our customers’ daily lives.

  • 2015 United Objec Launch of ‘United Object(UO)’, Lifeware Brand

    ‘UO_United Object’ is collection of objects combine and connect products together to create amazing to create new experiences and new values for everyday life, SK telecom is a brand of lifewear.
  • 2015_2 Band LTE Launch of ‘Band LTE’, Next-generation Network Service

    'Band LTE' refers to ‘3-band LTE-A’, commercialized by SK telecom, Beginning, we will connect 4 and 5 frequency bands in the future SK telecom’s 4-band, 5-band LTE-A and 5G Next generation network service.
  • 2012 Smart Launch of ‘Smart’, IoT Solution Service (B2B, B2B2C)

    SK Telecom's exclusive brand for corporate solutions.
  • 2011 4G LTE ‘Dream Network’ for the Smart Era

    4As our next-generation data service, 4G LTE brings a more superb data service to the users through the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, which is called the ‘Dream Network’ for the smartphone era.
  • 2009 NATE Renewal of ‘NATE’ Logo

    Korea’s first brand for wired and wireless Internet services, has renovated its brand identity in celebration of its tenth anniversary. The New NATE seeks to generate ever-increasing values for customers by providing services promoting communication, development, and trust.
  • 2008 T Renewal of ‘T’ as a Repreasentative Mobile Communications Brand

    As our representative mobile communications brand, ‘T’ aims to achieve Ubiquitous Culture (cultural community being connected anywhere at any time). The ‘T’ brand also aspires to go beyond representing the ICT technology leadership to become a new cultural brand of the society, by communicating and sharing the emotional needs of the customers anywhere at any time. Building on these efforts, ‘T’ will bring more benefits and values critical to the daily lives of the customers. ‘T’ will also continue to challenge and innovate itself to offer unique products and services to the customers, who will then lead a more enriched life.
  • 2006 T Launch of ‘T’, SK telecom’s New Mobile Communications Brand

    ‘T’ stands for Telecom, Technology, Top, and Trust. ‘T’ also reflects SK Telecom’s commitment to creating and delivering diverse innovative and reliable services to the customers, based on its best-in-class technology.
  • 2005 GXG Release of 'GXG', a 3D Game Portal for Mobile Phones

    GXG is a game portal designed for 3D game mobile phones that are equipped with accelerator engines and graphic chips.
  • 2005 1mm Launch of ‘1mm’, an Intelligent Interface Service

    ‘1mm’ enables users to enjoy diverse mobile internet services customized to their individual needs, through communication with a character displayed on the first screen of their mobile phone.
  • 2005 Wings of Happiness SK Group’s Announcement of New Logo ‘Wings of Happiness’

    SK Group announced its new logo ‘Wings of Happiness’, which is based on the motif of a flying kite and a communication satellite. The ‘Wings of Happiness’ depicts the soaring success of SK Groups’ two main growth engines; energy/chemicals business and information communication business. This new logo also reflects SK Group’s pursuit of super excellence (SUPEX) to lead the global market. With the red color representing SK’s pride and passion and the orange color expressing happiness, warmth and charm, the ‘Wings of Happiness’ communicates SK’s core values of happiness and customer-centeredness.
  • 2005 LOView Launch of ‘LoView’, the Digital Photo Frame Service

    ‘Loview’ enables users to easily upload photos from their camera phones or digital cameras to the digital frames at home anytime.
  • 2004 Melon Launch of ‘MelOn’, the Ubiquitous Music Service

    As an online and mobile music portal brand, ‘MelOn’ enables users to download and enjoy music contents via their PC, mobile phones or MP3 players, anywhere at anytime.
  • 2004 Cizle Opening of ‘Cizle’, an Online and Mobile Movie Portal Service

    ‘Cizle’ allows its members to book tickets for and enjoy diverse cultural contents including movies and other performances.
  • 2003 Speed 001Rainbow Speed 011 Rainbow: a Customer-Centered Program of Innovation

    Speed 011 Rainbow is a groundbreaking customer-centered program that seeks to achieve innovation and changes in the company by promoting customers’ participation and rights. The program mainly consists of participatory marketing campaigns and campaigns for protecting customers’ rights.
  • 2003 MONETA Launch of MONETA, the Representative Financial Service Brand

    As a leading financial service brand, MONETA enables customers, who seek flexibility and convenience, to easily access reliable financial services both online and mobile.
  • 2002 CARA Release of ‘CARA’, the Premium Mobile Phone Service for Women

    As a brand tailored to the practical and emotional needs of women, CARA offers premium membership services to women to help them lead a more unique, classy and pleasant life.
  • 2002 June Release of ‘June’, the Mobile Multimedia Service

    As a personalized multimedia brand, ‘June’ provides young customers with the latest, high-quality multimedia contents to meet their needs for trendy, unique and fun lifestyle. The premium multimedia services offered by ‘June’ include communications service through 3G network (far more advanced than 2G network), video on demand(VOD), music on demand(MOD), video call, multimedia message, internet, and even television broadcasting.
  • 2001 speed001 Evolution of 'Speed011' Brand

    Evolution of the Speed 011 Brand
  • 2001 ting Launch of ‘ting’, the Mobile Phone Service for Teenagers

    As a mobile phone brand targeting teens, ‘ting’ reflects the fresh and young image of teenagers. ‘ting’ offers innovative customized services for teenagers who are proud, curious and want to experience something new.
  • 2001 NATE Launch of ‘NATE’, the Online and Mobile Portal

    As our representative online and mobile internet brand, ‘NATE’ helps customers lead a more convenient and pleasant life through its innovative online and mobile-integrated internet portal services.
  • 2001 UTO Release of ‘UTO’, the Premium Mobile Phone Service for Customers Aged from 25 to 35

    ‘UTO’ offers a package of membership services customized to the individual lifestyle of young office workers, who seek to both succeed at work and enjoy their private life.
  • 2000 LeadersClub Expansion of ‘011 Leaders Club’, the VIP Membership Service

    From 1996, SK Telecom began to offer VIP membership service named ’011 Leaders Club’, based on the Call Plus scores (mileage points on call charges paid by customers). ‘011 Leaders Club’ provided customers with the opportunity to participate in diverse events as well as discount coupons, depending on their Call Plus scores and membership type. We expanded this VIP membership service in 1997 to offer these lifelong membership privileges to all ‘Speed 011’ customers.
  • 1999 TTL Launch of ‘TTL’, Aimed at the Younger Generation

    SK Telecom launched ‘TTL’, a new mobile phone brand for the youth. ‘TTL’ offers a variety of services tailored to the lifestyle of the younger generation including; customized call rate policy, mobile handset with trendy design and color, TTL Zones that are open exclusively for ‘TTL’ members to take a rest and enjoy multi-entertainment services, discounts on family restaurant bills and movie tickets, and an exclusive website for the ‘TTL’ members. In February 2001, SK Telecom announced its ‘TTL’ service upgrade with the new brand slogan ‘Made in 20’, to promote ‘TTL’ as the representative brand for the youth.
  • 1999 nTOP Launch of ‘nTOP’, the New Comprehensive Mobile Internet Service Brand

    In response to the rapid transition of the Korean society into a network-based information society, SK Telecom launched ‘nTOP’ to offer comprehensive and meaningful mobile internet service to the N-Generation(Network Generation referring to the youth of the digital age or digital natives) who were emerging as new leaders of the Korean politics, economy, society and culture.
  • 1997 SKtelecom Change of the Company’s Name to 'SK telecom'

    We changed our company name from ‘Korea Mobile Telecommunications’ to ‘SK Telecom’ that can be globally understood better and reflects our commitment to going beyond mobile communications business to cover comprehensive information communications areas, including online and mobile-integrated services as well as convergence between communications and broadcasting. The new name ‘SK Telecom’ also represents our determination to become a global leader in the market. The blur color in the previous SK Telecom CI depicts the image of our state-of-the-art technology and passion, as well as our commitment to offering speedy and accurate services.
  • 1997 LeadersClub Launch of ‘011 Leaders Club’, the VIP Membership Service

    From 1996, SK Telecom began to offer this VIP membership service based on the customers’ Call Plus scores (mileage points on call charges paid by customers). Members of ‘011 Leaders Club’ were granted the opportunities to participate in diverse events as well as discount coupons, depending on their ‘Call Plus’ scores and membership type.
  • 1997 speed001 Change of Brand Name to 'Speed 011'

    The new brand name ‘Speed 011’ reflected the image of a next generation multimedia communication channel, which offers not only mobile phone calls but also cutting-edge information and communications services on a global scale. Brand identity of ‘Speed 011’ was designed to strongly communicate our state-of-the art technology as well as accurate and speedy services satisfying the customers’ needs.
  • 1992 Korea Mobile Telecommunications CI Change of Korea Mobile telecommunications

    The new CI of Korea Mobile Telecommunications (the present SK Telecom) was composed of two circles being connected dynamically to each other against an orange backdrop. It reflected our passion and future-oriented mindset built upon the solidarity among employees, cutting-edge technology and our limitless potential as well as effective communication with stakeholders.
  • 1988 Korea Mobile Telecommunications Change of the Company’s Name to Korea Mobile telecommunications

    We changed our company name from Korea Mobile Telecommunications Services Co. Ltd. to Korea Mobile Telecommunications, after being designated as one of the public telecommunication operators by the government.
  • 1984 Korea Mobile Telecommunications Establishment of Korea Mobile telecommunications Services, Co., Ltd.

    Establishment of Korea Mobile Telecommunications Services, Co., Ltd.

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